Victims of New Years Resolutions

31 December 2016

Well hello there, long time no post!
2016 is coming to an end, finally. I think we can safely say it's been one hell of a year. And with 2017 approaching in a few hours, it is so important to be appreciative of what we have before we start making list for what we want. 
I've seen so many blog post on New Years Resolutions, how to make them, how to keep them, but none really on appreciating on the goals of 2016. We are al victims of creating a fresh slate and producing plans for next year, but not appreciating the plans we made and conqured the year before. Appreciating how far we've come and how proud we should be for making it to the end of an eventful year. 
So here is my list of all the things I've achieved this 2016. No matter how little they were. I did them! And I am proud - even if no one else is.

  • Made it through the second year at University
  • Switched blogging from WordPress to Blogger - even though it's been inconsistent
  • Made new friends at uni (yes Faye, you count as a new friend)
  • Booked 2 holidays for 2017 without family! (I'm a wuss)
  • Went on holiday with my family and Mr
  • Went on Holiday with the hubs
  • Celebrated an anniversary - nigga we made it 
  • Drove for the whole year without any claims or killing myself 
  • Straightened my hair only after 10 months! 
  • Went to the theatre to see Lion King
  • Managed to not kill my mother numerous times
  • Devised less plans to kill my mother - (seriously it took up all my time in 2015).
  • Saved money monthly
  • Got a curly hair cut
  • Donated blood
  • Donated clothes
  • Donated money
  • Read a hella load of books!
Whatever it is that you did this year! Be proud!

Yoga Log - Session 2

3 September 2016

Photo source: Pinterest



Yoga Lab

When I wrote the first yoga log, I was like what could I possibly write in the second one it'll be exactly the same.... This class was completely different!

The yoga class we attended was called Hatha Yoga. Taught by our amazing instructor Mary! Firstly it was strange to see that three guys had turned up to the lesson as in the previous one there were no males. 
*Side note, this one guys' breathing sounded like he was having sex alone and I couldn't stop laughing. 

The classes start the same in this really slow boring way, where you lie on the floor and focus on your breathing. zZzZzZz... I'm literally lying there just waiting to move to the next exercise where I can push myself. The breathing is meant to calm and relax you, which makes the muscle movement easier. It's amazing how the beginning breathing and the end breathing differs. I'll explain later.

The class differed in the sense that the focus there was more flexibility and strength to the poses. Having been a gymnast my toes instinctively go into a point because it's how I was taught. A lot of the exercises focused on using flexed feet. The movements stretched our bodies to its limit and holding them ached, but the release felt so beautiful.

I liked Mary more than the other instructor as she helped align my body in the right positions. She wasn't afraid to walk around the class and twist someone's hips or pull their arms into the right position which I think is key for a new learner.

There were so many periods in this session where the deep breathing was all you could think about as you held the pose. Focusing on the breath to get you through the ache.

A lot of the time Mary would tell me to tuck my bum in and actually, explained to me in a nut shell my body posture is awful. I stand wrong and stick my bum out when it should be naturally tucked.

The breathing at the end is really essential, it little feels like when you are breathing the floor is slowly engulfing you. It's amazing how annoying the breathing at the beginning is and how relaxing and necessary it is at the end. 

Overall, I loved my class again, and think ill be trying Hatha again next Tuesday!
Have you tried a yoga class before?
Let me know 

Yoga Log - Session 1

26 August 2016

Yoga log

session one 

Yoga Lab

 Yoga, I've always sort of wanted to do it but the idea of teaching myself inside my bedroom didn't really appeal to me. I sort of feel like I'm going through this phase where I need to do something sporty, but the Gym isn't really the option and I was sort of at a loss until my friend showed me this voucher on Groupon.

My class was at this place called Yoga Lab situated in Hackney. I wasn't really sure how it was going to be so I opted for a sports bra, leggings and a loose tee. I bought a big bottle of water (which I hardly used). Compared to all the other classes and sports I've done in life this is the most tame and my expectations were I would be bored by the slow pace or constant stillness. I was completely wrong. 

Photo from: Hackney Central Space

It was a small intimate space where there were 6 people and the instructor. It was super hot because of the weather so I was glad there were only 6 people!

The type of Yoga class I had today was called  Dynamic flow and Meditation class. These classes are designed to capture the essence of yoga, focusing on coordinating the movement & breath, with meditation. 
Throughout the first half hour, I began giggling quite a bit. Just because my friend in such funny positions seemed hilar, the seriousness and the relaxation hadn't quite kicked in. When movements began to require a bit more attention and effort that died quickly. The stress of holding your leg in the air behind you whilst your other foot started slipping from sweat soon demanded my full seriousness and attention. By the end of the lesson I was sweating like a donkey! (Do donkeys sweat?) And I was excited to go again! Even to buy my own mat! 
The class required attention and strength (which I lack) the sun setting atmosphere, therapeutic music, and concentration on breathing made it all relaxing whilst slightly energetic and even slightly painful (holding in plank when you have no core strength! LAWL).

I was slightly disappointed the next day, I was expecting my legs and joints to ache from having not used them in foreverrrr and instead I just had a new found sort looseness to my body (this usually comes after the soreness). Overall I loved the lesson, defo encourage anyone considering to go, to go.

Next week I'll be going to a Hatha Yoga class, make sure to check how that differs!
Do you, or have you tried yoga? Let me know below!

Summer Loving Toners

24 August 2016

summer loving toners

Toners have always been one of those products that I question do we need. I invested in these because as well as toners, I love a good face refreshing mist!




Spring Water, Fresh Sea Water, Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Perfume, Carrageenan Extract, Rose Absolute, Rosemary Oil, Limonene, and Methylparaben

What Lush say:

This is the most refreshing of all our toner waters, with mineral-rich carrageenan seaweed extract and rose absolute to tone and balance the skin. This is perfect to use as a spritz in the summer to cool down, or any time of year when you want to feel refreshed. Rose absolute will help to reduce redness whilst patchouli oil is cooling and astringent on the skin.

What Chloé says:

I'm not too sure about this, firstly I hate the nozzle, the spritz is soo heavy so I can't really use this as a refresher which is annoying. There isn't anything really about this product which would encourage me to buy it again. It does make my face feel refreshed and I tend to spray this onto a cotton pad and then apply to my face and neck!




Organic Witch Hazel (Hamamalis Virginiana)

What Anita says:

Distilled Organic Witch Hazel (Hamamalis Virginiana). Made from organic witch hazel distillate, it’s a soothing anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory; an excellent,  alcohol-free skin and scalp toner with a pH of 3.0 - 5.0. Provides perfect pH balanced moisture to both skin and hair. 

Excellent for daily use to restore moisture and maintain a balanced pH.Witch Hazel - Nothing else! Free from alcohol, additives & preservatives. Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly.

What Chloé says:

I have such a love-hate relationship with my witch hazel. WHY? Because I absolutely love it but hate the smell! It's like apple cider vinegar! just yuck, but I noticed it makes my skin feel amazing and really tones down my breakouts, it's an amazing product, now if only I could love the smell!

Have you used any of these products, or have any recommendations?

For the Harry Potter Fanatics

22 August 2016

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter! This morning the Metro posted a new article indicating that Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone would be in concert. I mean, personally I'm not too fussed about this BUT if you know me or have been following me for a while you will know I loveeee Harry Potter. So it got me thinking, "What are all the Harry Potter related  things I NEEED to do or have in life (in no particular order).


The complete book set

Photo Source : Amazon

I already own the book set, but I noticed I was missing The Chamber of Secrets? Strange, regardless it's a fantastic excuse to buy a new book set for the sake of it! The only reason why I haven't bought new ones are just because I don't know which hardcopy cover art I want, which sounds a bit pathetic, but hey, I will eventually own a new book set and ship my old ones off to a charity shop!


Orlando studios

Photo source: Pinterest

Universal Orlando

Visit Harry Potter Studios in Florida -

Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.
Since the park opened in America, it's made the idea of going Disney Land much more enticing.
Hogsmeade has 3 rides, Honeydukes, The Three Broomsticks, Dervish and Banges, Owl Post and Filches Emporium of confiscated goods.

Diagon Alley includes attractions like Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, Knockturn Alley and Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts. Shop in Borgin and Burkes, Madam Malkins, Olivanders, Quality of Quidditch Supplies, Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, and Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment.

This is just the cake on the icing really? I've been to the Harry Potter studios in London and LOVED IT! Lost all my photos so I'll have to go again! What a great excuse! The idea is me and my friend Nikita are eventually going to plan to go! I say that's the idea 'cause boy'o'boy it cost a leg to get there and a half to visit the parks!



Photo source: Harrypottertheplay

Watching the Cursed Child in London

So far I have the book, I spent 4 hours in a bloody virtual queue the other day and got NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA! Which means I'll most likely be going to this in the year two thousand and never. Real heartbreaker there. I read the book and tbh I don't know how I feel. Make sure you keep an eye out for the blog post review.


fantastic beast and where to find them

Photo source: Pinterest

So when JK launched the original trio of books I obviously had to obtain the pack. It came with Quidditch through the ages and The tales of Beedle the bard. The book wasn't anything special but the movie is looking to be amazing! Instead of being set in England featuring Hogwarts, Fantastic beast and where to find them is set in America, featuring a school moulded on Hogwarts called Irvington. My bestie Nikita got my back again and told me she's taking me to see it at IMAX this November for my birthday.


ebook series

Photo source: Pottermore

Recently JK announced that these three fab new books were coming:

  • Short stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists
  • Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide
  • Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship, and Dangerous Hobbies

But sadly, only on Ebook -__- . This pleases and annoys me, simply because I want physical copies, not an Ebook version! After the other short stories, I got I wasn't sure I would want to buy short books again, but after reading the story behind Irvington I'm sure these mini-series will be amazing as well!

Have you been to any of these places or got tickets to the theatre, let me know!

Cypriot Natural Soap

21 August 2016


olive oil soap 

When I went to Cyprus I bought these lovely little soaps! They are made from olive oil, no duh. They're 100% olive oil which is good for the skin as it contains Vitamin A and E as well as other antioxidants which help moisturise skin without clogging pores. The soaps came in all these littel different colours/versions/smells.

 I'm sort of annoyed I didn't read the ingredients properly. I didn't realise they were scented. I thought they were mixed, but hey ho they are super cute and really good for the skin as they add moisture.

The scents I bought are:

Avocado, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Honey and Pomegranate. They have a really cute imprint of cyprus island on them too, looking back i wish i bought the volcanic ones as they were meant to be from greek volcanos and be super good to the skin! Darn it! But im sure these soaps will be cute and beneficial to use!

Have you ever used olive oil soap?

Body Scrubs for Summer

20 August 2016

Going on holiday means exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! Because that ultimately is the way to an amazing tan! So here are 3 scrubs I've purchased to see which works best and does what I need!


G R A P E F R U I T 



Coffee Robusta Seed Powder, Coffee - Obvs, Sucrose, Brown sugar, Sodium chloride, Sea salt, Prunus amygdalus ducluis oil, Sweet almond oil, Tocopheryl acetate, vitamin E, Citrus paradisi, Grapefruit extract oil and Limonene.

What Grounded say:

Hi, I’m Grounded grapefruit coffee scrub ® nice to meet you! You may have already heard about me, I’m the little tropical body scrub packed with the vitamins, mineral’s and antioxidants you need for gorgeously smooth skin. Made with ground Robusta coffee beans, I’m a little rougher than your average scrub with enough caffeine in me to pack a punch.
 I also contain brown sugar and Himalayan rock salt which helps scrub away any dry, dead or flakey skin leaving you extremely soft. I want to make sure your skin is as moisturised and hydrated as possible that’s why I’ve added vitamin E and cold pressed sweet almond oil. I'm zesty, fruity and sharp. With my added grapefruit oil I'll wake up even the most tired looking skin.  

What Chloé says:

This really packs a punch! It's super messy in the bathroom though, so beware. Having used it before my holiday my skin was soft and felt really buffed afterwards. The smell is a bit perplexed. It smells more like Orange Chocolate than Grapefruit but who cares when it really does the job. It is a bit fiddly and they weren't joking when they said sharp!

lush ®

B u f f y  B o d y  b u t t e r


Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Ground Rice, Ground Almonds, Organic Ground Aduki Beans, Perfume, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Citral, Limonene, and Linalool

What Lush say:

Slay dead skin with this scrub-in-a-bar that's filled with essential oils, cocoa and shea butters, and ground-up goodies that are great to use on thighs and bums, leaving you looking dewy. Rub the bar on wet skin to release the goodness: ground rice, almonds and aduki beans get to work polishing away dead cells, while the blend of lavender oil, cocoa butter and shea butter replenish moisture.

What Chloé says

This slayyyyyyyyed. I took this Cyprus with me because it was easy to transport and I thought the butter would help keep my skin moisturised. I was right! This balm kept my skin amazingly soft and buffed. I was Glowy Chloé, honestly! The bits were super tough mixed into the soft butteriness of the bar giving it a soft but sharp texture resulting in honestly super soft glowing skin. By far my favourite product, except it melted really easy in the bathroom because of the warmth so I had to keep chucking it in the fridge after every use! My favourite Lush scrub so far!


R U B  r u b  r u b 


Fine Sea Salt, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Fresh Organic Lemon Juice, Water (Aqua), Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Jasmine Flower Infusion, Mimosa Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Lemon Oil, Lactic Acid, Lauryl Betaine, Limonene, Lilial, Perfume, Colour 42090, and Colour 45410.

What Lush say:

An exfoliating shower scrub that can also be used to wash, volumise and add shine to hair. Packed with mineral-rich sea salt, Rub Rub Rub can be used as a gentle scrub on wet skin, or on dry skin for a really good buff before you get in the shower. Sea salt, a natural antiseptic as well as an exfoliant, is combined with lots of lemon juice to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and it also adds shine and volume to hair.

What Chloé says:

This was my original favourite scrub, it's amazing to use on dry skin and even better on wet. With rich sea salt, this product is key to anyone who has back acne ( I don't but, just saying) as the salt is antiseptic and can help fix those pesky bumps. There is no way I would use this on my curly hair as I don't need extra volume or to dry my hair out any more than it originally is, ha. But for anyone with fine hair this could really aid. A great alternative!

Have you used any of these?
Let me know

Mini Zara Haul

9 August 2016

zara haul

Zara have been dishing out some amazing basic pieces recently.  I'm not a look book person so it is unlikely I'll be posting my #ootd photos, but I thought I'd post some of my purchases thus far!

Dress with gathered hem - £25.99

Gaaah, I love this dress, the elastic at the bottom takes some time to get used to as you walk but its sooo comfortable and it looks amazing! Slightly annoying that every time I wear this, everyone wants to know where its from. I'm going to be a cow and hope that it sells out soon so EVERYONE and their mothers aren't rocking it.

Culotte trousers - £22.99

Cullotes are my favourite sort of trousers to wear currently! And a girl at work was wearing these and I had to buy them! So super cute, the elastic at the top is a tad strange so its literally a pair of trousers you must TUCK everything in.

Pleated trousers - £22.99

Firstly can we just acknowledge how ugly the models shoes are and what an ugly outfit this is. Anyway, these are really comfy and go with anyyyyything! This are basically my go to trousers as of now! I bought the other similar looking pairs from toyshop and they just don't fall as nicely as these.

Leather Jacket - £119

Ahhhh, Leather jackets are probably the hardest to buy. They're usually never real leather or they sit weird or cost a bundle! I love this leather jacket as its not too expensive and it sits perfectly on my body!

Oversized T-shirt "Dress" - £12.99

Firstly, I would never wear this as a dress in England, I don't wear anything over the knee tbh as a dress. I bend over and my ass comes out so that says it all for me, but matched with the culottes above and this basically becomes my favourite outfit which I own, is that tragic? I bought this "dress" in emerald green and black too! 

These are all my fab fav buys from Zara recently, is there anything you've bought?

Face scrubs for Summer

5 August 2016

Dermatologist suggest we use different products during different seasons, because your face has different needs. So I've bought products here and there over this "summer" and these are my favourite thus far which, also happen to be perfect for maximising that summer glow!




Ingredients: water\aqua\eau; citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) flower water; butylene glycol; lecithin; behenyl betaine; glycerin; polysorbate 60; propylene glycol stearate; polysorbate 20; sorbitan laurate; polysorbate 80; sodium chloride; carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract; eucalyptus globulus leaf oil*, abies sibirica oil*, prunus amygdalus amara (bitter almond) kernel oil*, mentha arvensis leaf oil*, rosa damascena extract, barosma betulina leaf extract, citrus paradisi (grapefruit) peel extract, limonene; prunus armeniaca (apricot) seed powder; juglans regia (walnut) shell powder; copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax\cera carnauba\cire de carnauba; mangifera indica (mango) seed; mangifera indica (mango) fruit extract; propylene glycol laurate; phosphoric acid; peg-30 dipolyhydroxystearate; ppg-5-ceteth-10 phosphate; ethylhexylglycerin; caprylyl glycol; disodium edta; hexylene glycol; potassium sorbate; sodium dehydroacetate; phenoxyethanol

Origins is about 90% natural, so although there are a few ingredients in the that don't look like they belong there, they are naturally and ethically sourced.

What Orgins say:

Smooth away blah, bleak looking skin. Exfoliator with finely ground Apricot and Mango Seeds plus potent Papaya Extract dissolves lackluster cells with no irritating friction. Polishes skin to perfection. Leaves it beaming with youthful radiance.

What Chloé say's:

I love this product for my skin as so many people told me in the days that I used it that my skin looked good. The scrub smells good and is thick, meaning you don't have to cake the face with loads to apply evenly. I wish I had invested in the Gin Zing instead slightly, just as with added caffeine that is sure to give that wide awake slowly feel to ones skin, but I do love this, and it does do the job!




Kaolin, Talc, Fresh Organic Lime Juice, sage, rosemary and juniperberry infusion, fresh organic free range eggs, honey, glycerine, fresh fennel, ground almond shells, almond oil, bentonite gel, fresh ginger root, fresh organic parsley, fresh organic coriander, ground numeric, ground cardamom, clove bud oil, ginger oil, vetivert oil, juniperberry oil, benzyl salicylate, eugenol, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, linalool, and perfume.

What Lush say:

Wake up your skin with this fresh face mask containing fresh fennel, ginger root, parsley and coriander to detox and stimulate. We use a sage, rosemary and juniperberry infusion with cardamom and clove bud oils for their antiseptic qualities, fresh lime juice to cleanse the skin and free range eggs, honey and almond oil to soothe and moisturise. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

What Chloé say's:

I love Lush products, they're just that bit more "naturified" (not a real word I know). The ingredients list is literally words you can understand! This mask smelt divineeee! All soft like vanilla honey sort of smells, and it was thick too like the Origins mask but you could feel those almond shells! The only thing I hate about this mask is because it is so darn fresh, it has to stay in the fridge. Which means it has a reduced shelf life. Can't always feel pressured into scrubbing my face!

Have you used these products? Let me know!

Treasure Tress Subcription Box

1 August 2016

[ Disclaimer: This is a complimentary box sent from the Treasure Tress Team ]

This cute box appeared in my post this week from the folks at Treasure Tress. This is my first hair subscription box, I've had makeup ones before i.e Birchbox but never a hair one so I was quite excited just to see what was inside!
Subscription boxes are great tools for those just starting off in the natural game and don't know which products to invest in as they offer such choice. They offer small size products for you to test what you like without wasting your money and usually come with advice on how to use said product. 

They wrote me a little note and everything which was super cute!

So the box included:

Hand luggage-sized. 



Use this PH balanced shampoo inclusive of ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5

 to cleanse your scalp and hair.


Olive oil conditioner sachet x2

This Olive oil based conditioner is perfect for injecting any moisture lost

 in the cleaning process back into your hair.


'Sheen' moisturising spray(50ML) 

Super for refreshing your curls/kinks throughout the day.


'seal' oil(30ML) 

Seal the hair cuticle using this yummy smelling combination of castor oil and jojoba oil.


shea and coconut

curling custard(246ml)

Use this curling custard for medium hold and super definition - whether it's a wash & go or a twist out.


flat out frizz fighter(237ml)

Fight the frizz using this leave in lotion/cream. Useful for those tempted to flirt with heat tools this summer, or those looking for a sleeker frizz free style.

Now, being truthfully honest, subscription boxes aren't for me. Just because I'm so particular about the brands I use for my hair and I'm not particularly great with "surprises". I am however really going to try using these products, either on holiday or pack them in my locker at work for when my hair needs taming and the hopefully make a review! 
Have you recently received a Treasure Tress Subbie Box? Let me know!

Big Hair - From the Good Hair Club

28 July 2016

The Good Hair Club is a website which you can purchase hair products from, this seems very obvious! On the day of the launch I logged on just to see what they had and really happy to see The good hair club, Boucleme AND Root2Tip all in one place. So naturally I made a purchase.

I had wanted to use the conditioning treatment for ages, I just didn't want to have to pay for P&P! I wasn't being cheap, just if I bought inidividually from every brand i'd be paying £3 practically each time! 

So anyway, I bought it, it came, I put it on my head. The product is a Deep conditioning hair treatment, which is 90% natural.


Aqua (water), 
Natural detangler and conditioner (Behentrimonium Methosulfate* (and) Cetearyl Alcohol**),
 Cocoa Butter, Banana Powder, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Honey, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Castor Oil, Glycerine (Palm Free), Vitamin E Pro-Vitamin B5, Optiphen Eco-Cert Approved Preservative (Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol).

What Big Hair say:

Made to penertrate the hair by cleansing and restoring it's natural moisture, shine and balance. Perfect for reviving tired, dried curls.

What Chloé says:

I loved this product! Truely, it lived up to the hype! It smelt like delicious chocolate! Not the smelly, sickly, too intense kind but a soft aroma which silently drifted around my house! 
My hair after using this! I wish there was a leave in! My hair was so SOFT! my ends were really dry from bunning and using this just restored it back to it's beautiful self!

Definatly one to recommend! Better than my staple TGIN! 

Because of the packing size, I can only get three uses out of this, so I'm going to reserve it to once a month usage. It's thick in consistency so a lot doesn't go a long way but the quality! OMG!

Summer makeup essentials

26 July 2016

When it comes to makeup, well I'm no expert in that department but I've slowly taught myself what works for me. I'm all about less is more! I naturally have good skin due to heritage but also a good skin care system so there's not a lot I need. Having said that, because of my heritage I have naturally dark under eyes (gaahhh). So, I like to even my skin tone out and give myself a nice healthy glow during these summer months! Here is my list of go-to products for minimum coverage and a natural glow! Sparkle Ladies, Sparkle!

Having only worn this a few times I've found it helps tame brow hairs into place whilst helping to give those eyebrows a sleek look.

Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser  - In the colour Cuba

I LOVE this! It's nice and creamy, lightweight, gives great coverage, and feels super soft on the skin! Defo one of my favourite products as the Laura Mercier one I previously used had quite an oily feeling to it. I apply this after using a good moisturiser and some SPF! It's quite confusing as their tinted moisturiser comes in two forms: this one and one which is a tinted moisturiser but somehow a foundation at the same time? I'm not quite sure BUT, this does the trick and that's all you need!

I was dubious about this product, I used the LA Girl concealer, and as much as I loved it, the consistency was crap and this weird liquid kept oozing out of it! So having bought the tinted moisturiser I thought to invest in this concealer. Again, like the tinted moisturiser this concealer is rich and leaves the skin feeling soft, whilst not being heavy or thick feeling.

This mascara is a GOD SEND! I have extremely long eyelashes as it is, but these give this really full intensely dark look which then gives me the appearances of having false eyelashes without the effort of using actual eyelashes! A great purchase for wanting a long full eyelash look without the hassle. 

Mac Mineralise skinfinish - In the colour Global glow

Who doesn't have this product? I feel like everyone has this, simply because we are all aware of how amazing it is. This little pallet gives a nice bronzing glow - I usually use on my cheeks and a tad on the outskirts of my forehead to give me that nice summer glow!

This is a great powder and I use it just to give a bit of a buffered effect on the skin! It's lightweight again and just used to even out the skin tone and isn't heavy or drying which is key! If you do suffer from oily skin, this is a really good product to just apply here there to mattify and is easy to use.

I love this balm just because it's so natural. It's really moisturising and is rather long lasting on the lips. The lime is rather strong and gives that summer feeling on the lips!

And that's it. Do you use any of these products? 

Buying a car/new driver

24 July 2016

I bought my first car 4 months ago, nearing 6! So I feel slightly qualified in making a post in new car stuff and driving.
Firstly, your license
12436485d952bdf901ca8e2fd94d25d2 I've had my license for 3 years now, nearly 4. I strongly suggest even if you aren't ready financially or mentally to have a car, to get your license. When I first was looking for insurance it was at least, 3 grand! Now I pay a little over £600. This is mainly because of time, I've had my license long enough and I am over the age of 21. Other factors like my actual car, the area I reside and fuel amount also help but I feel this is one of the main reasons my insurance is so low.
My advice, get your license as soon as possible, so if Uncle Jim dies and leaves you his Volkswagen you've got the license to drive it. Kidding.
Saving for a car
Saving for a car isn't very hard but it does become easy to be distracted from your goal. I saved for the sake of saving tbh. On my 18th birthday, my mum gave me some cash towards a car. Every time I get paid I put money aside. That money rose and fell depending on what holiday I wanted to go on or which concert I was attending but I never let it get lower than a grand minimum. For a sturdy decent car like an old fiesta that could easily be enough. Now personally, I didn't really want an old car. I trust myself be able to drive decently and make the appropriate decisions so an extremely old car was pretty much out of the question, I wanted something new-ish and had low mileage because I want it to last.
I spent forever looking at different cars just eager to have one as long as it was under 100,000 miles and not older than 5 years old. This is the wrong attitude to have. Invest in something you WANT long term not short. A car with anything with 0-20,000 miles is ideal. Anything under 50,000 is ok too.
I also tried to avoid 1.4L cars and opted for 1.2's. A smaller engine means less petrol to fill and less tax. My 1.2 has a road car tax of £30 for the year which suits me fine and a full tank is roughly £30 also!
I went for a colour that I liked. Who wants a yellow car? They may be cheaper but they are not cute! My car is a grey colour which I love. Again, don't settle. Don't just say "meh, ok" and take a car which you clearly don't love or like!
cc922c53cea56ddc1eecf556396fbecdMy car is a very cute small KA (new shape not old). It's small enough for me and a few friends if need be. It's a very girly car. Hi there. I'm a girl if you hadn't noticed! But I think for me it's perfect. I don't need a van or a 6 seater. Be realistic. I use my car very often and don't really need 5 doors. 3 is completely good with me. Also, I'm not a butler, my car isn't the scooby doo mobile. It's not "jump in gang"!
Be realistic
A 2015 titanium Ford Fiesta is not in your budget. It may look cool to your friends. That 65 plate etc but do you have 9 grand? No. Didn't think so.
I don't recommend finance personally. I think if you can pay for all of your car or at least half, you should. Finance means you're stuck with a 3-year contract and nobody wants that. If you do get finance opt for a scheme which means they'll accept you paying out the full or large amounts whenever you want. This will decrease your finance per month OR allow you to finish months if not years early.
So down the actual nitty gritty stuff. When I first started driving I was shit scared. There's no other way to describe it. I drove with P Plates wherever I could, until one day I drove half an hour to uni and realised somehow along the way I lost a plate lmao. Literally, I got out the car to only find a P on the front, none on the back... Guess that was God's way of telling me I'm ready, otherwise, I would still be wearing them today!
I even now hate motorways, I avoid them. I'm just a big wimp! I don't mind the dual carriageway, but I hate when there are like 5 lane options. People in London are ARSEHOLES. Especially if your young and a woman, men just hog the road and expect you to be ok with that. You wanna indicate and go into a different lane and no one wants to let you out. Once I got stuck behind a lorry which had broken down and literally no one would let me out and I thought I was going to die. Right there, because if I pulled out wrong... Bye bye, Chloe. In the end, I saw a car 5 cars behind me pull out so I did first. HA. Take that. (He/she had blocked oncoming traffic and was far enough that it was safe for me to move, be safe guys). Anyway, safe to say I made it home in one piece that night.
When driving, I loathe having my mother as a passenger. She's so critical and makes me nervous so I avoid taking her out haha! She's always like "Chloe, you're too close to the road, Chloe, you're going too fast, Chloe, Chloe, CHLOEEEE!" She makes me hate my own name HA! (even I found that funny). Most people say don't have passengers when your first driving, it's distracting but I felt like I needed someone (not my mother) to accompany me. If I die - you die scenario. Another person made me feel safer and as if, if something went south I had someone who could help calm me! So I drove my siblings and a couple friends here there. My Mr helped improve my breaking technique because it was so jerky, so overall they helped not hindered.
When I did my test I drove fine, 3 years later my driving was rusty and my car was not the same as my test car. I stalled EVVERYYYWHERE. Shit, I stalled yesterday. It's fine, it happens, its cool. The trick is to calm down and not rush into restarting. My car has an auto thing. I step on the pedal again and *poof* engines roaring. When you panic it just gets worse, and you upset yourself.
So like I said, I panic, a lot, and panicking gets you into dumb and dangerous predicaments. I panicked when I pulled out to turn right, stopped short and basically nearly could have been hit by oncoming traffic. Panicking is a no. Stay cool and collective and you'll be ok, you'll make it. And don't be bullied into doing something you don't want to. Don't feel you need to rush because people around you either. Trust your gut!
And that's all the advice I have if I've missed anything feel free to ask below. If you have any first car/ new driving experiences I'd love to hear them! Comment below!

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