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24 July 2016

I bought my first car 4 months ago, nearing 6! So I feel slightly qualified in making a post in new car stuff and driving.
Firstly, your license
12436485d952bdf901ca8e2fd94d25d2 I've had my license for 3 years now, nearly 4. I strongly suggest even if you aren't ready financially or mentally to have a car, to get your license. When I first was looking for insurance it was at least, 3 grand! Now I pay a little over £600. This is mainly because of time, I've had my license long enough and I am over the age of 21. Other factors like my actual car, the area I reside and fuel amount also help but I feel this is one of the main reasons my insurance is so low.
My advice, get your license as soon as possible, so if Uncle Jim dies and leaves you his Volkswagen you've got the license to drive it. Kidding.
Saving for a car
Saving for a car isn't very hard but it does become easy to be distracted from your goal. I saved for the sake of saving tbh. On my 18th birthday, my mum gave me some cash towards a car. Every time I get paid I put money aside. That money rose and fell depending on what holiday I wanted to go on or which concert I was attending but I never let it get lower than a grand minimum. For a sturdy decent car like an old fiesta that could easily be enough. Now personally, I didn't really want an old car. I trust myself be able to drive decently and make the appropriate decisions so an extremely old car was pretty much out of the question, I wanted something new-ish and had low mileage because I want it to last.
I spent forever looking at different cars just eager to have one as long as it was under 100,000 miles and not older than 5 years old. This is the wrong attitude to have. Invest in something you WANT long term not short. A car with anything with 0-20,000 miles is ideal. Anything under 50,000 is ok too.
I also tried to avoid 1.4L cars and opted for 1.2's. A smaller engine means less petrol to fill and less tax. My 1.2 has a road car tax of £30 for the year which suits me fine and a full tank is roughly £30 also!
I went for a colour that I liked. Who wants a yellow car? They may be cheaper but they are not cute! My car is a grey colour which I love. Again, don't settle. Don't just say "meh, ok" and take a car which you clearly don't love or like!
cc922c53cea56ddc1eecf556396fbecdMy car is a very cute small KA (new shape not old). It's small enough for me and a few friends if need be. It's a very girly car. Hi there. I'm a girl if you hadn't noticed! But I think for me it's perfect. I don't need a van or a 6 seater. Be realistic. I use my car very often and don't really need 5 doors. 3 is completely good with me. Also, I'm not a butler, my car isn't the scooby doo mobile. It's not "jump in gang"!
Be realistic
A 2015 titanium Ford Fiesta is not in your budget. It may look cool to your friends. That 65 plate etc but do you have 9 grand? No. Didn't think so.
I don't recommend finance personally. I think if you can pay for all of your car or at least half, you should. Finance means you're stuck with a 3-year contract and nobody wants that. If you do get finance opt for a scheme which means they'll accept you paying out the full or large amounts whenever you want. This will decrease your finance per month OR allow you to finish months if not years early.
So down the actual nitty gritty stuff. When I first started driving I was shit scared. There's no other way to describe it. I drove with P Plates wherever I could, until one day I drove half an hour to uni and realised somehow along the way I lost a plate lmao. Literally, I got out the car to only find a P on the front, none on the back... Guess that was God's way of telling me I'm ready, otherwise, I would still be wearing them today!
I even now hate motorways, I avoid them. I'm just a big wimp! I don't mind the dual carriageway, but I hate when there are like 5 lane options. People in London are ARSEHOLES. Especially if your young and a woman, men just hog the road and expect you to be ok with that. You wanna indicate and go into a different lane and no one wants to let you out. Once I got stuck behind a lorry which had broken down and literally no one would let me out and I thought I was going to die. Right there, because if I pulled out wrong... Bye bye, Chloe. In the end, I saw a car 5 cars behind me pull out so I did first. HA. Take that. (He/she had blocked oncoming traffic and was far enough that it was safe for me to move, be safe guys). Anyway, safe to say I made it home in one piece that night.
When driving, I loathe having my mother as a passenger. She's so critical and makes me nervous so I avoid taking her out haha! She's always like "Chloe, you're too close to the road, Chloe, you're going too fast, Chloe, Chloe, CHLOEEEE!" She makes me hate my own name HA! (even I found that funny). Most people say don't have passengers when your first driving, it's distracting but I felt like I needed someone (not my mother) to accompany me. If I die - you die scenario. Another person made me feel safer and as if, if something went south I had someone who could help calm me! So I drove my siblings and a couple friends here there. My Mr helped improve my breaking technique because it was so jerky, so overall they helped not hindered.
When I did my test I drove fine, 3 years later my driving was rusty and my car was not the same as my test car. I stalled EVVERYYYWHERE. Shit, I stalled yesterday. It's fine, it happens, its cool. The trick is to calm down and not rush into restarting. My car has an auto thing. I step on the pedal again and *poof* engines roaring. When you panic it just gets worse, and you upset yourself.
So like I said, I panic, a lot, and panicking gets you into dumb and dangerous predicaments. I panicked when I pulled out to turn right, stopped short and basically nearly could have been hit by oncoming traffic. Panicking is a no. Stay cool and collective and you'll be ok, you'll make it. And don't be bullied into doing something you don't want to. Don't feel you need to rush because people around you either. Trust your gut!
And that's all the advice I have if I've missed anything feel free to ask below. If you have any first car/ new driving experiences I'd love to hear them! Comment below!

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  1. I totally relate to this post 100%

    LMFAO girl stop, the P plates fell off. I cannot. I never drove with mine because in my area it’s so high with insurance scammers they target those with P plates. Cars need to come with dashcams built in if they don’t cos boy they’ll save aggro.

    I’ve only done motorway driving … 4x. Just in April some knob tried run me off the road in Watford, he was meant to move over as I was coming off the motorway exit onto a dual carriageway..don’t know if he wasn’t looking/ on his phone / didn’t check his mirrors but he wouldn’t move are arseholes on motorways etc. They love to intimidate women.

    Ditto with the passengers, I find friends who are drivers are more at ease than parents. Lord my stepdad..we will not go there. The panicking can just occur so quickly, especially when people are beeping at you and shouting…WELL, me I’m the first to leave my car and tell them if they wanna fix a situation..get out and do it. Probably not the best cos we know about them road rage people.

    I first started to learn to drive at 17 as soon as I could and then I lost my provisional when my instructor wanted me to go for my theory. I reapplied several times for my card to be sent back and nothing until I was 21 or 22, I did it over the phone, but my money was never taken out the prior times so they never got my applications *rolls eyes*

    Not until late 2014 did I bother to start again, studied for my theory for a month, passed first time and then took refresher lessons and passed first time last July *phew* was a weight lifted there lol. Then I got my car last August my stepdad wanted me to get a second hand car incase of accidents or any bumps I got into. The car searching was a nightmare but thankfully I got my new car, I wanted a 5 door and it had to be black so it matched my clothes LOL.

    – Why am I leaving essays. Too relatable.


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