Big Hair - From the Good Hair Club

28 July 2016

The Good Hair Club is a website which you can purchase hair products from, this seems very obvious! On the day of the launch I logged on just to see what they had and really happy to see The good hair club, Boucleme AND Root2Tip all in one place. So naturally I made a purchase.

I had wanted to use the conditioning treatment for ages, I just didn't want to have to pay for P&P! I wasn't being cheap, just if I bought inidividually from every brand i'd be paying £3 practically each time! 

So anyway, I bought it, it came, I put it on my head. The product is a Deep conditioning hair treatment, which is 90% natural.


Aqua (water), 
Natural detangler and conditioner (Behentrimonium Methosulfate* (and) Cetearyl Alcohol**),
 Cocoa Butter, Banana Powder, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Honey, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Castor Oil, Glycerine (Palm Free), Vitamin E Pro-Vitamin B5, Optiphen Eco-Cert Approved Preservative (Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol).

What Big Hair say:

Made to penertrate the hair by cleansing and restoring it's natural moisture, shine and balance. Perfect for reviving tired, dried curls.

What ChloƩ says:

I loved this product! Truely, it lived up to the hype! It smelt like delicious chocolate! Not the smelly, sickly, too intense kind but a soft aroma which silently drifted around my house! 
My hair after using this! I wish there was a leave in! My hair was so SOFT! my ends were really dry from bunning and using this just restored it back to it's beautiful self!

Definatly one to recommend! Better than my staple TGIN! 

Because of the packing size, I can only get three uses out of this, so I'm going to reserve it to once a month usage. It's thick in consistency so a lot doesn't go a long way but the quality! OMG!

Summer makeup essentials

26 July 2016

When it comes to makeup, well I'm no expert in that department but I've slowly taught myself what works for me. I'm all about less is more! I naturally have good skin due to heritage but also a good skin care system so there's not a lot I need. Having said that, because of my heritage I have naturally dark under eyes (gaahhh). So, I like to even my skin tone out and give myself a nice healthy glow during these summer months! Here is my list of go-to products for minimum coverage and a natural glow! Sparkle Ladies, Sparkle!

Having only worn this a few times I've found it helps tame brow hairs into place whilst helping to give those eyebrows a sleek look.

Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser  - In the colour Cuba

I LOVE this! It's nice and creamy, lightweight, gives great coverage, and feels super soft on the skin! Defo one of my favourite products as the Laura Mercier one I previously used had quite an oily feeling to it. I apply this after using a good moisturiser and some SPF! It's quite confusing as their tinted moisturiser comes in two forms: this one and one which is a tinted moisturiser but somehow a foundation at the same time? I'm not quite sure BUT, this does the trick and that's all you need!

I was dubious about this product, I used the LA Girl concealer, and as much as I loved it, the consistency was crap and this weird liquid kept oozing out of it! So having bought the tinted moisturiser I thought to invest in this concealer. Again, like the tinted moisturiser this concealer is rich and leaves the skin feeling soft, whilst not being heavy or thick feeling.

This mascara is a GOD SEND! I have extremely long eyelashes as it is, but these give this really full intensely dark look which then gives me the appearances of having false eyelashes without the effort of using actual eyelashes! A great purchase for wanting a long full eyelash look without the hassle. 

Mac Mineralise skinfinish - In the colour Global glow

Who doesn't have this product? I feel like everyone has this, simply because we are all aware of how amazing it is. This little pallet gives a nice bronzing glow - I usually use on my cheeks and a tad on the outskirts of my forehead to give me that nice summer glow!

This is a great powder and I use it just to give a bit of a buffered effect on the skin! It's lightweight again and just used to even out the skin tone and isn't heavy or drying which is key! If you do suffer from oily skin, this is a really good product to just apply here there to mattify and is easy to use.

I love this balm just because it's so natural. It's really moisturising and is rather long lasting on the lips. The lime is rather strong and gives that summer feeling on the lips!

And that's it. Do you use any of these products? 

Buying a car/new driver

24 July 2016

I bought my first car 4 months ago, nearing 6! So I feel slightly qualified in making a post in new car stuff and driving.
Firstly, your license
12436485d952bdf901ca8e2fd94d25d2 I've had my license for 3 years now, nearly 4. I strongly suggest even if you aren't ready financially or mentally to have a car, to get your license. When I first was looking for insurance it was at least, 3 grand! Now I pay a little over £600. This is mainly because of time, I've had my license long enough and I am over the age of 21. Other factors like my actual car, the area I reside and fuel amount also help but I feel this is one of the main reasons my insurance is so low.
My advice, get your license as soon as possible, so if Uncle Jim dies and leaves you his Volkswagen you've got the license to drive it. Kidding.
Saving for a car
Saving for a car isn't very hard but it does become easy to be distracted from your goal. I saved for the sake of saving tbh. On my 18th birthday, my mum gave me some cash towards a car. Every time I get paid I put money aside. That money rose and fell depending on what holiday I wanted to go on or which concert I was attending but I never let it get lower than a grand minimum. For a sturdy decent car like an old fiesta that could easily be enough. Now personally, I didn't really want an old car. I trust myself be able to drive decently and make the appropriate decisions so an extremely old car was pretty much out of the question, I wanted something new-ish and had low mileage because I want it to last.
I spent forever looking at different cars just eager to have one as long as it was under 100,000 miles and not older than 5 years old. This is the wrong attitude to have. Invest in something you WANT long term not short. A car with anything with 0-20,000 miles is ideal. Anything under 50,000 is ok too.
I also tried to avoid 1.4L cars and opted for 1.2's. A smaller engine means less petrol to fill and less tax. My 1.2 has a road car tax of £30 for the year which suits me fine and a full tank is roughly £30 also!
I went for a colour that I liked. Who wants a yellow car? They may be cheaper but they are not cute! My car is a grey colour which I love. Again, don't settle. Don't just say "meh, ok" and take a car which you clearly don't love or like!
cc922c53cea56ddc1eecf556396fbecdMy car is a very cute small KA (new shape not old). It's small enough for me and a few friends if need be. It's a very girly car. Hi there. I'm a girl if you hadn't noticed! But I think for me it's perfect. I don't need a van or a 6 seater. Be realistic. I use my car very often and don't really need 5 doors. 3 is completely good with me. Also, I'm not a butler, my car isn't the scooby doo mobile. It's not "jump in gang"!
Be realistic
A 2015 titanium Ford Fiesta is not in your budget. It may look cool to your friends. That 65 plate etc but do you have 9 grand? No. Didn't think so.
I don't recommend finance personally. I think if you can pay for all of your car or at least half, you should. Finance means you're stuck with a 3-year contract and nobody wants that. If you do get finance opt for a scheme which means they'll accept you paying out the full or large amounts whenever you want. This will decrease your finance per month OR allow you to finish months if not years early.
So down the actual nitty gritty stuff. When I first started driving I was shit scared. There's no other way to describe it. I drove with P Plates wherever I could, until one day I drove half an hour to uni and realised somehow along the way I lost a plate lmao. Literally, I got out the car to only find a P on the front, none on the back... Guess that was God's way of telling me I'm ready, otherwise, I would still be wearing them today!
I even now hate motorways, I avoid them. I'm just a big wimp! I don't mind the dual carriageway, but I hate when there are like 5 lane options. People in London are ARSEHOLES. Especially if your young and a woman, men just hog the road and expect you to be ok with that. You wanna indicate and go into a different lane and no one wants to let you out. Once I got stuck behind a lorry which had broken down and literally no one would let me out and I thought I was going to die. Right there, because if I pulled out wrong... Bye bye, Chloe. In the end, I saw a car 5 cars behind me pull out so I did first. HA. Take that. (He/she had blocked oncoming traffic and was far enough that it was safe for me to move, be safe guys). Anyway, safe to say I made it home in one piece that night.
When driving, I loathe having my mother as a passenger. She's so critical and makes me nervous so I avoid taking her out haha! She's always like "Chloe, you're too close to the road, Chloe, you're going too fast, Chloe, Chloe, CHLOEEEE!" She makes me hate my own name HA! (even I found that funny). Most people say don't have passengers when your first driving, it's distracting but I felt like I needed someone (not my mother) to accompany me. If I die - you die scenario. Another person made me feel safer and as if, if something went south I had someone who could help calm me! So I drove my siblings and a couple friends here there. My Mr helped improve my breaking technique because it was so jerky, so overall they helped not hindered.
When I did my test I drove fine, 3 years later my driving was rusty and my car was not the same as my test car. I stalled EVVERYYYWHERE. Shit, I stalled yesterday. It's fine, it happens, its cool. The trick is to calm down and not rush into restarting. My car has an auto thing. I step on the pedal again and *poof* engines roaring. When you panic it just gets worse, and you upset yourself.
So like I said, I panic, a lot, and panicking gets you into dumb and dangerous predicaments. I panicked when I pulled out to turn right, stopped short and basically nearly could have been hit by oncoming traffic. Panicking is a no. Stay cool and collective and you'll be ok, you'll make it. And don't be bullied into doing something you don't want to. Don't feel you need to rush because people around you either. Trust your gut!
And that's all the advice I have if I've missed anything feel free to ask below. If you have any first car/ new driving experiences I'd love to hear them! Comment below!

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Dr Bronners Castile Soap

23 July 2016

So, I was watching one of my favourite Youtubers SunKissAlba and I noticed in one of her videos she used Dr. Bronners Castile Soap as a clarifier and I was intrigued. So when I was shopping in Holland and Barrets and saw Dr Bronners, I didn't hesitate to buy it.
I picked up a large bottle of Organic Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap, which is said to be their most sought after product. Not only is the product 100% natural but the bottles are post-consumer recycled bottles too.
Having a look on google there are tones of  things you can use it for: shampoo, wash your floors, wash your dog, washing fruit, laundry detergent and early bottles even suggested using it to douche with creating a natural vaginal spermicide to stop unwanted pregnancies. Crazy huh!
A few days later wash day fell upon me, and I decided to use my new product. If a clarifier is meant to rid the hair of excess oil, it did the job. My hair felt extremely clean and the peppermint left it feeling fresh. I then used a deep conditioner to instal some much-needed moisture back into my hair.
Curly hair is prone to dryness because the oil doesn't slip down the hair shaft as easily as it would for straight hair. And with dryness comes frizz and split ends, so after a clarifying wash you ALWAYS, ALWAYS need a good deep conditioner.
Having a look at Dr. Bronners website, they recommend using afterward the Citrus Conditioning Hair Rinse. Which I've bought to experiment with. I got a bit toooooo happy and also bought:
  • 1 x Citrus Conditioning Hair Rinse (236 ml)
  • 1 x Lemon Lime Organic Lip Balm (4 g)
  • 1 x Organic Orange Lavender Lotion (236 ml)
  • 1 x Peppermint Leave-In Hair Conditioner (178 ml)
  • 1 x Organic Almond Castile Liquid Soap (237ml)
  • 1 x Cinnamon All-One Toothpaste
Surprisingly it only cost me £37 which, in my opinion, isn't a lot! So ill be sure to see how all those natural goodies go. Have you used Dr. Bronners before? Any tips or tricks? Let me know.

Moving out your parents - Or not!

22 July 2016

So I'm in the prime of my 20's. By next year university will be done and then it'll be going out into the real world and making a real income. I keep insisting to my Mr that we need to save and prepare. This money isn't going to appear out of nowhere, but really how much money does one need to save?
Let's start with dreams. I think Georgian/Victorian houses with modern conversions are the prettiest houses in London. There's so much history etched into them it's beautiful. 1st things first. Ultimately who doesn't want to own their own home? Is this realistic, though? I want to own my own house, but realistically unless I plan on living with my mother till I'm 29 and save religiously or graduate and land myself a job earning over 40k within the 1st year, is this a realistic goal to set? My answer is No.
FotorCreatedSo there seem to be 2 options to take. Option 1, registering with a Housing Association or Council, which is practically impossible if you haven't lived in the borough your applying for. So I filled one of these out anyway (unwillingly for the borough I live in), because most new builds are owned by Housing Associations, and my mum reckons it'll take at least 5 years before actually being given accommodation via the government. So no harm trying. Below is a picture of a new build building on Dalston Lane, it literally looks so cute!
Option 2 is to rent. Rent a home in London. Now obviously, this is going to cost a lot more in London than, say Leeds. So I did a little looking around and found some semi-decent houses/flats for a max of 1.5k - that's £750 per person.
So that's the starting price of how much you would need to pay per month for your humble abode. They probably would want a deposit. Let's say £100 and let's be pessimistic and say 2 months rent upfront. That's £1550. SO FAR.

Theeeeeeeeen you're going to furnish this new pad of yours. The most important things you'll need:
  1. A fridge - £299
  2. A sofa - £660
  3. A tv - £339
  4. A cooker - £349
  5. A bed - £280
  6. A washing machine - £229

So the examples I used are from two sites. Ikea and Very just for convenience. Altogether these main objects will cost £2086. Split that in half that's £1,043, so your first few months EACH will cost £2593. Not including water bills, sky bill, internet bill, electric bill! That's a GRAND TOTAL OF £5,186. You'd still need a bit more for things like a cuppa tea because that didn't even include a kettle.
On the other hand, whilst milling google, I discovered a mortgage on a home (costing 380,000) would cost 3.k per month for over a 20-year span. And that's a lot  *based on a house previously sold for 380,000 in Summer Lea, Noak Hill Road, Romford, Greater London - via Rightmove


 Feel free to comment if you think my information is wrong, optimistic, pessimistic makes you think anything or all of the above!

Favourite shows to watch

21 July 2016

Photo credit// here

As I am writing this blog post, I'm watching an episode of Ugly Betty and its 1pm ( I started at 9 but... I got caught up in Betty's drama). I haven't written a proper blog post just because I've had so much work to do. The natural project doesn't count, but click here if you haven't read it... So, having finished university for the year and having no work for the day I decided to binge watch Tv. Here is a list of some of my favourite shows I'm currently watching!
The last Ugly Betty episode premiered April 14, 2010. 6 years later the box set appeared on my Skybox and I promise you I have watched 4 seasons worth practically back to back! How could I forget how funny this was! Betty starts as a young 23-year old Latino who gets her first job at Mode magazine. She doesn't fit in, she's awkward, she dresses really bad, but it's so entertaining to watch her. I kinda feel we are all Betty at one point of life, especially when we start a new job. Betty's life is about family, trying to be someone, relationships, it's all very relatable which probably makes it such a good show!  It is full of hilarious moments contributed by other cast members like Amanda, Hilda, Justin, Williamina, and Mark! You can't not like this show!
G A M E  O F  T H R O N E S 
You know in a typical television show there's a protogynous and an antagonist, you naturally align yourself with the protogynous and their ways of good. Yeah well, do that in Game Of Thrones and you're bound to get your heart broken or suffer a cardiac arrest. Game of thrones is famous for recklessly killing off our favourite characters and with such an array of them, there is a handful to pick from - only to be slaughtered, raped, butchered, shot, poisoned, burnt, stabbed, and tortured. Fair warning, with the vast amounts of lands, languages, houses, and families it requires some skill to keep up, but its totally worth it!
O R P H A N  B L A C K
It's really hard to explain Orphan Black without sounding crazy? weird? talking nonsense? all of the above? I'll try to explain really simplistically. Orphan black is about Sara Manning, who has a shit life tbh (I'm being real). One day she bumps into a woman who commits suicide at the train station and steals her bag. Real hero. But then it turns out this woman is her clone, and there are more of them, and yeah then it spirals into a mess of huge complications and things I can't explain. On the plus side, the actress Tatiana Maslany plays like 8 different versions of herself (her sister/clones) who are all completly different people with different characters and she does it AMAZINGLY. Plus she's Canadian? She sounds so English! Maybe it's just Americans who can't perfect the English accent without making us sound like posh twats who sip tea with the queen all day .Btw HRH the Queen's birthdays just went, she's 90 - is she going to live forever and reign? What does she even do? Who knows, anywho, if you like your sci-fi etc you'll like this.
H O W  T O  G E T  A W A Y  W I T H  M U R D E R
Shonda Rhimes is an amazing writer and one of her newest shows is HTGAWM, it's a mouthful. HTGAWM is about Annalise Keating, she's a black strong woman who is a lawyer runs her own lawyer service and teaches in a university. One of the main reasons I love this besides it having a thrilling storyline is, the main character is black .. and a woman... and she "runs the tings". It's not often that minority women are the main roles these days unless it's a Latino show or a trashy reality show (you'll never make me watch LOVE & HIP HOP.. EVER). There's a beautiful episode where we see Annalise with now weave, no makeup, just raw and natural and it is utterly stunning!
Another product of Shonda Rhimes, Olivia Pope is a younger Annalise Keating so to speak. She too is a strong black independent woman .. meh, she likes to pretend that she's independent but she's got a couple of daddy issues. But, get this she technically is the president's mistress along with other things like owning her own business and tonnes of Prada bags! Has anyone noticed this? Ha. Kim Kardashian is known for her good taste in clothing, Olivia pope is the classy next level to Kim with less nudity perhaps? Who knows, all I know is this show is amazing and Shonda again uses her voice to highlight racial problems, #Blacklivesmatter and heavily promotes interracial relationships.
I promise this is the only other show Shonda Rhimes writes, she's simply amazing which is why she has 3 different tv shows which, have relevant themes connected to today's day and age. Grey's anatomy has been showing consecutively for 11 years! I'm a real ride or die fan out here. The characters for the last 11 years have shuffled - I miss yang so much! But Shonda Rhimes is amazing. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure why I've held on for so long! The storylines alway grab me back! How can I let go? If you're looking for a lengthy binge, it's a great choice! Not sure you can just pick up from any random season though
T H E  B I G  B A N G  T H E O R Y
Not judging your smartness, but I think it takes a special person to understand the humour of this show, that or you need to watch it from the beginning to see the humour. My mother absolutely hates this show, she doesn't get the nerdy jokes, but I lovee it! Sheldon is hilarious and The Big Bang Theory would be nothing without our main characters Penny, Raj, Howard, Sheldon and Lenard .. Amy and Bernadette are sorta replaceable? Rumour is that they get millions per EPISODE just for recording this. It's full of humour, social awkwardness and nerds. What more do you need?
Other shows that are favourites but im not currently watching are:
  • Mr Robot,
  • Empire
  • Devious maids
  • Jessica jones
  • Power
  • Revenge
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor who
  • The last ship
  • Under the dome
  • Zoo
  • American horror stories
  • Awkward
  • The 100
  • Faking It
Do you love these shows too? Or have you got any recommendations?
Let me know below

Lush Hair Custard

20 July 2016

Many months ago I attended a Lush bloggers event, and I received this hair custard. Because the instructions start with "smooth into hair before blowdrying" I never even gave it any second thoughts and consequently just chucked it into my hair box.
I went through this stage of having straight hair and decided to give it a try. Bottom line is, it smells so yummy and if I had bothered to read the instructions I would have known it can be used besides for blow drying.
Product Name
Hair Custard
What does Lush think?
You can now enjoy the thick satisfaction of a bowl of creamy custard and its dreamy scent in your hair. This eggs-clusive Oxford Street hair dressing for fighting static and adding moisture and shine is not to be trifled with. It's crammed full of protein-rich eggs to improve the condition of your locks and pack hair full of moisture without weighing it down. Smooth on from root to tip before blow drying (or use straight on dry hair) to benefit from the restorative qualities of argan and extra virgin coconut oils. When you pause to breathe in, your senses will be greeted by the comforting sweetness of Fair Trade vanilla absolute, from near the Rwenzori mountains in Western Uganda. We could go on... but the proof really is in the pudding.
How to use
Smooth into your hair before blow drying. It's versatile so you can also use it to finish off your style or as a hair perfume for incredibly- scented locks.
What do I think?
I love the smell of this. If you don't know I LOVE vanilla essence and coconut oil and this just smells yum! It doesn't smell as nice in its concentrated form but adding it to your hair, it smells delicious.
It's quite thick and therefore gives that touch of sheen but is incredibly moisturising! Be warned. Too much can go from moisture to oily look! Lush hair custard contains includes, Fair Trade Vanilla Pod Infusion, Fresh Free Range Egg White, Fresh Grape Juice and Fresh Strawberry Juice. Crazy line up of ingredients.
When I use this product I tend to add it on my ends mainly, but add it everywhere and anywhere just to get that gorgeous smell everywhere! I think this product is 10 times better than R'&'B by Lush also.

The Kite Runner

19 July 2016

My beautiful friend Charlotte recently posted a snap of her reading the Kite Runner, and I instantly remembered how amazing this book was!
If there were ever a book to recommend this would be on my list! I chose to read this book because I remembered watching it at school and a scene always stuck with me. It's really frustrating because I can't find a screen grab of it but, it's a scene where Amir is reading Hassan's letter whilst pink petals are falling. Am I imagining this guys? Has my imagination got the best of me? If you've seen the movie please comment on my sanity below!
I won't ruin the book or the synopsis for anyone but this book is just so emotional and well written. At one part I was so angry with the author for even imagining such a horrible scenario. I had to boycott the book for a few days, in truth, I was emotionally distressed and there are more than one chapters that leave me feeling like this. The intricate detail upset my stomach and my soul. I had to make the conscious decision to continue reading because I was so genuinely upset. Those of you who have read the book probably know which scenes I'm referring to.
I, in the end, was really happy I read on, because the ending... Oh my heart, it broke when I learnt the truth with Amir in that letter. And when he rewrote the wrongs of his life something in my heart began to feel relief but more importantly, peace. It's amazing how emotionally wrapped up I became in this book!
Have you read this book? Did this touch you in the same way it touched me?
Comment below

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