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21 July 2016

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As I am writing this blog post, I'm watching an episode of Ugly Betty and its 1pm ( I started at 9 but... I got caught up in Betty's drama). I haven't written a proper blog post just because I've had so much work to do. The natural project doesn't count, but click here if you haven't read it... So, having finished university for the year and having no work for the day I decided to binge watch Tv. Here is a list of some of my favourite shows I'm currently watching!
The last Ugly Betty episode premiered April 14, 2010. 6 years later the box set appeared on my Skybox and I promise you I have watched 4 seasons worth practically back to back! How could I forget how funny this was! Betty starts as a young 23-year old Latino who gets her first job at Mode magazine. She doesn't fit in, she's awkward, she dresses really bad, but it's so entertaining to watch her. I kinda feel we are all Betty at one point of life, especially when we start a new job. Betty's life is about family, trying to be someone, relationships, it's all very relatable which probably makes it such a good show!  It is full of hilarious moments contributed by other cast members like Amanda, Hilda, Justin, Williamina, and Mark! You can't not like this show!
G A M E  O F  T H R O N E S 
You know in a typical television show there's a protogynous and an antagonist, you naturally align yourself with the protogynous and their ways of good. Yeah well, do that in Game Of Thrones and you're bound to get your heart broken or suffer a cardiac arrest. Game of thrones is famous for recklessly killing off our favourite characters and with such an array of them, there is a handful to pick from - only to be slaughtered, raped, butchered, shot, poisoned, burnt, stabbed, and tortured. Fair warning, with the vast amounts of lands, languages, houses, and families it requires some skill to keep up, but its totally worth it!
O R P H A N  B L A C K
It's really hard to explain Orphan Black without sounding crazy? weird? talking nonsense? all of the above? I'll try to explain really simplistically. Orphan black is about Sara Manning, who has a shit life tbh (I'm being real). One day she bumps into a woman who commits suicide at the train station and steals her bag. Real hero. But then it turns out this woman is her clone, and there are more of them, and yeah then it spirals into a mess of huge complications and things I can't explain. On the plus side, the actress Tatiana Maslany plays like 8 different versions of herself (her sister/clones) who are all completly different people with different characters and she does it AMAZINGLY. Plus she's Canadian? She sounds so English! Maybe it's just Americans who can't perfect the English accent without making us sound like posh twats who sip tea with the queen all day .Btw HRH the Queen's birthdays just went, she's 90 - is she going to live forever and reign? What does she even do? Who knows, anywho, if you like your sci-fi etc you'll like this.
H O W  T O  G E T  A W A Y  W I T H  M U R D E R
Shonda Rhimes is an amazing writer and one of her newest shows is HTGAWM, it's a mouthful. HTGAWM is about Annalise Keating, she's a black strong woman who is a lawyer runs her own lawyer service and teaches in a university. One of the main reasons I love this besides it having a thrilling storyline is, the main character is black .. and a woman... and she "runs the tings". It's not often that minority women are the main roles these days unless it's a Latino show or a trashy reality show (you'll never make me watch LOVE & HIP HOP.. EVER). There's a beautiful episode where we see Annalise with now weave, no makeup, just raw and natural and it is utterly stunning!
Another product of Shonda Rhimes, Olivia Pope is a younger Annalise Keating so to speak. She too is a strong black independent woman .. meh, she likes to pretend that she's independent but she's got a couple of daddy issues. But, get this she technically is the president's mistress along with other things like owning her own business and tonnes of Prada bags! Has anyone noticed this? Ha. Kim Kardashian is known for her good taste in clothing, Olivia pope is the classy next level to Kim with less nudity perhaps? Who knows, all I know is this show is amazing and Shonda again uses her voice to highlight racial problems, #Blacklivesmatter and heavily promotes interracial relationships.
I promise this is the only other show Shonda Rhimes writes, she's simply amazing which is why she has 3 different tv shows which, have relevant themes connected to today's day and age. Grey's anatomy has been showing consecutively for 11 years! I'm a real ride or die fan out here. The characters for the last 11 years have shuffled - I miss yang so much! But Shonda Rhimes is amazing. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure why I've held on for so long! The storylines alway grab me back! How can I let go? If you're looking for a lengthy binge, it's a great choice! Not sure you can just pick up from any random season though
T H E  B I G  B A N G  T H E O R Y
Not judging your smartness, but I think it takes a special person to understand the humour of this show, that or you need to watch it from the beginning to see the humour. My mother absolutely hates this show, she doesn't get the nerdy jokes, but I lovee it! Sheldon is hilarious and The Big Bang Theory would be nothing without our main characters Penny, Raj, Howard, Sheldon and Lenard .. Amy and Bernadette are sorta replaceable? Rumour is that they get millions per EPISODE just for recording this. It's full of humour, social awkwardness and nerds. What more do you need?
Other shows that are favourites but im not currently watching are:
  • Mr Robot,
  • Empire
  • Devious maids
  • Jessica jones
  • Power
  • Revenge
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor who
  • The last ship
  • Under the dome
  • Zoo
  • American horror stories
  • Awkward
  • The 100
  • Faking It
Do you love these shows too? Or have you got any recommendations?
Let me know below

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  1. Ok…let me click my fingers and type.

    I watched Ugly Betty when it was first broadcast over here and then when the season ends and you got to wait another 80 years LOL I don’t even know what happened but I never watched it again but I did enjoy it so I may have to do a refresh and catch-up.

    GOT, ok when my best friend first told me about it and he was telling me it was about incest and midgets and lots of sex. I was like yeah okay, I’m game LMAO & never watched it but I read the spoilers (like I know what’s going on).

    How To Get Away With Murder, now I’m a crime freak, people wonder why I went into make-up instead of criminology. I live for crime so when a friend said this show would be me all over, they wasn’t wrong I watched season 1 and season 2 up until the break (took me from Friday night until Sunday) and watched weekly when it came back. I’m just too gripped, even me and my mum shout at each other when talking about it.

    Scandal, I was a religious watcher of it until Season 2 and then the in season break happend and I never watched again…I really need to catch up.

    Greys & The Big Bang Theory – never got into. I watched TBBT on E4 late one night and I was confused – need to obviously watch from the start haha.

    Empire another one I was watching until the Season 2 break and I didn’t bother again, I felt Season 2 was quite rushed, like they needed to get it out while the hype was still buzzing. But I love me some Taraji P. Henson and definitely getting her memoir when released.

    OITNB. Love, don’t even remember the last season much though, don’t think it was the best one but I will watch the upcoming one.

    AHS – that’s my shit. Ryan Murphy he scored with this … I didn’t even think GaGa was bad as the Countess ( although I could see Jessica in that role) but I do think Angela, Kathy, Jessica & even Paula had been serving since the beginning and needed some recognition. Still love, bring on my favourite holiday Halloween.

    Other shows
    – Grandfathered which was John Stamos’ new show on FOX. Unfortunately it got cancelled (prays for Netflix to pick it up) but I really enjoyed it.
    – The Girlfriend Experience series starring Riley Keough (Elvis’ granddaughter) that was good about a law intern, moonlighting as a call girl. Was dark and I watched that all in one day.
    – Survivor’s Remorse, Tichina Arnold & Mike Epps – say no more.
    – Bob’s Burger’s & South Park – forever.

    Probably more but..I’ve essayed enough..score me. During all of this I could of wrote a ‘reply in a blog post’. Don’t dislike me if I do still.



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