Summer makeup essentials

26 July 2016

When it comes to makeup, well I'm no expert in that department but I've slowly taught myself what works for me. I'm all about less is more! I naturally have good skin due to heritage but also a good skin care system so there's not a lot I need. Having said that, because of my heritage I have naturally dark under eyes (gaahhh). So, I like to even my skin tone out and give myself a nice healthy glow during these summer months! Here is my list of go-to products for minimum coverage and a natural glow! Sparkle Ladies, Sparkle!

Having only worn this a few times I've found it helps tame brow hairs into place whilst helping to give those eyebrows a sleek look.

Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser  - In the colour Cuba

I LOVE this! It's nice and creamy, lightweight, gives great coverage, and feels super soft on the skin! Defo one of my favourite products as the Laura Mercier one I previously used had quite an oily feeling to it. I apply this after using a good moisturiser and some SPF! It's quite confusing as their tinted moisturiser comes in two forms: this one and one which is a tinted moisturiser but somehow a foundation at the same time? I'm not quite sure BUT, this does the trick and that's all you need!

I was dubious about this product, I used the LA Girl concealer, and as much as I loved it, the consistency was crap and this weird liquid kept oozing out of it! So having bought the tinted moisturiser I thought to invest in this concealer. Again, like the tinted moisturiser this concealer is rich and leaves the skin feeling soft, whilst not being heavy or thick feeling.

This mascara is a GOD SEND! I have extremely long eyelashes as it is, but these give this really full intensely dark look which then gives me the appearances of having false eyelashes without the effort of using actual eyelashes! A great purchase for wanting a long full eyelash look without the hassle. 

Mac Mineralise skinfinish - In the colour Global glow

Who doesn't have this product? I feel like everyone has this, simply because we are all aware of how amazing it is. This little pallet gives a nice bronzing glow - I usually use on my cheeks and a tad on the outskirts of my forehead to give me that nice summer glow!

This is a great powder and I use it just to give a bit of a buffered effect on the skin! It's lightweight again and just used to even out the skin tone and isn't heavy or drying which is key! If you do suffer from oily skin, this is a really good product to just apply here there to mattify and is easy to use.

I love this balm just because it's so natural. It's really moisturising and is rather long lasting on the lips. The lime is rather strong and gives that summer feeling on the lips!

And that's it. Do you use any of these products? 

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