The Kite Runner

19 July 2016

My beautiful friend Charlotte recently posted a snap of her reading the Kite Runner, and I instantly remembered how amazing this book was!
If there were ever a book to recommend this would be on my list! I chose to read this book because I remembered watching it at school and a scene always stuck with me. It's really frustrating because I can't find a screen grab of it but, it's a scene where Amir is reading Hassan's letter whilst pink petals are falling. Am I imagining this guys? Has my imagination got the best of me? If you've seen the movie please comment on my sanity below!
I won't ruin the book or the synopsis for anyone but this book is just so emotional and well written. At one part I was so angry with the author for even imagining such a horrible scenario. I had to boycott the book for a few days, in truth, I was emotionally distressed and there are more than one chapters that leave me feeling like this. The intricate detail upset my stomach and my soul. I had to make the conscious decision to continue reading because I was so genuinely upset. Those of you who have read the book probably know which scenes I'm referring to.
I, in the end, was really happy I read on, because the ending... Oh my heart, it broke when I learnt the truth with Amir in that letter. And when he rewrote the wrongs of his life something in my heart began to feel relief but more importantly, peace. It's amazing how emotionally wrapped up I became in this book!
Have you read this book? Did this touch you in the same way it touched me?
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