Treasure Tress Subcription Box

1 August 2016

[ Disclaimer: This is a complimentary box sent from the Treasure Tress Team ]

This cute box appeared in my post this week from the folks at Treasure Tress. This is my first hair subscription box, I've had makeup ones before i.e Birchbox but never a hair one so I was quite excited just to see what was inside!
Subscription boxes are great tools for those just starting off in the natural game and don't know which products to invest in as they offer such choice. They offer small size products for you to test what you like without wasting your money and usually come with advice on how to use said product. 

They wrote me a little note and everything which was super cute!

So the box included:

Hand luggage-sized. 



Use this PH balanced shampoo inclusive of ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5

 to cleanse your scalp and hair.


Olive oil conditioner sachet x2

This Olive oil based conditioner is perfect for injecting any moisture lost

 in the cleaning process back into your hair.


'Sheen' moisturising spray(50ML) 

Super for refreshing your curls/kinks throughout the day.


'seal' oil(30ML) 

Seal the hair cuticle using this yummy smelling combination of castor oil and jojoba oil.


shea and coconut

curling custard(246ml)

Use this curling custard for medium hold and super definition - whether it's a wash & go or a twist out.


flat out frizz fighter(237ml)

Fight the frizz using this leave in lotion/cream. Useful for those tempted to flirt with heat tools this summer, or those looking for a sleeker frizz free style.

Now, being truthfully honest, subscription boxes aren't for me. Just because I'm so particular about the brands I use for my hair and I'm not particularly great with "surprises". I am however really going to try using these products, either on holiday or pack them in my locker at work for when my hair needs taming and the hopefully make a review! 
Have you recently received a Treasure Tress Subbie Box? Let me know!

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  1. Never heard of this box before, I've tried the Palmers Olive Oil range previously. I've got over the whole beauty & hair box subscription boxes now because things for me were more miss than hit. I do think they're good for people who are just venturing into hair or beauty to discover a variety of brand & products xo


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