Yoga Log - Session 1

26 August 2016

Yoga log

session one 

Yoga Lab

 Yoga, I've always sort of wanted to do it but the idea of teaching myself inside my bedroom didn't really appeal to me. I sort of feel like I'm going through this phase where I need to do something sporty, but the Gym isn't really the option and I was sort of at a loss until my friend showed me this voucher on Groupon.

My class was at this place called Yoga Lab situated in Hackney. I wasn't really sure how it was going to be so I opted for a sports bra, leggings and a loose tee. I bought a big bottle of water (which I hardly used). Compared to all the other classes and sports I've done in life this is the most tame and my expectations were I would be bored by the slow pace or constant stillness. I was completely wrong. 

Photo from: Hackney Central Space

It was a small intimate space where there were 6 people and the instructor. It was super hot because of the weather so I was glad there were only 6 people!

The type of Yoga class I had today was called  Dynamic flow and Meditation class. These classes are designed to capture the essence of yoga, focusing on coordinating the movement & breath, with meditation. 
Throughout the first half hour, I began giggling quite a bit. Just because my friend in such funny positions seemed hilar, the seriousness and the relaxation hadn't quite kicked in. When movements began to require a bit more attention and effort that died quickly. The stress of holding your leg in the air behind you whilst your other foot started slipping from sweat soon demanded my full seriousness and attention. By the end of the lesson I was sweating like a donkey! (Do donkeys sweat?) And I was excited to go again! Even to buy my own mat! 
The class required attention and strength (which I lack) the sun setting atmosphere, therapeutic music, and concentration on breathing made it all relaxing whilst slightly energetic and even slightly painful (holding in plank when you have no core strength! LAWL).

I was slightly disappointed the next day, I was expecting my legs and joints to ache from having not used them in foreverrrr and instead I just had a new found sort looseness to my body (this usually comes after the soreness). Overall I loved the lesson, defo encourage anyone considering to go, to go.

Next week I'll be going to a Hatha Yoga class, make sure to check how that differs!
Do you, or have you tried yoga? Let me know below!


  1. I really need to pick up something like this, thank you for sharing! Your blog is really great, you seem so lovely too, let me know if you would like to keep in touch I love meeting new blogger friends! x

    1. Aww thanks, I hope this motivated you to find something similar, Groupon's a great place to start!

  2. I love yoga, I had to use it as rehabilitation for a knee injury when I was 13 and from 13 - 17 I practised yoga and then I became a young adult and priorities shifted. Yoga I'd love to get back into, you gradually see how the body tones up, flexibility and being in tune and listening to your body through the meditation. Think it's good you're able to try different types of yoga. X


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