Yoga Log - Session 2

3 September 2016

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When I wrote the first yoga log, I was like what could I possibly write in the second one it'll be exactly the same.... This class was completely different!

The yoga class we attended was called Hatha Yoga. Taught by our amazing instructor Mary! Firstly it was strange to see that three guys had turned up to the lesson as in the previous one there were no males. 
*Side note, this one guys' breathing sounded like he was having sex alone and I couldn't stop laughing. 

The classes start the same in this really slow boring way, where you lie on the floor and focus on your breathing. zZzZzZz... I'm literally lying there just waiting to move to the next exercise where I can push myself. The breathing is meant to calm and relax you, which makes the muscle movement easier. It's amazing how the beginning breathing and the end breathing differs. I'll explain later.

The class differed in the sense that the focus there was more flexibility and strength to the poses. Having been a gymnast my toes instinctively go into a point because it's how I was taught. A lot of the exercises focused on using flexed feet. The movements stretched our bodies to its limit and holding them ached, but the release felt so beautiful.

I liked Mary more than the other instructor as she helped align my body in the right positions. She wasn't afraid to walk around the class and twist someone's hips or pull their arms into the right position which I think is key for a new learner.

There were so many periods in this session where the deep breathing was all you could think about as you held the pose. Focusing on the breath to get you through the ache.

A lot of the time Mary would tell me to tuck my bum in and actually, explained to me in a nut shell my body posture is awful. I stand wrong and stick my bum out when it should be naturally tucked.

The breathing at the end is really essential, it little feels like when you are breathing the floor is slowly engulfing you. It's amazing how annoying the breathing at the beginning is and how relaxing and necessary it is at the end. 

Overall, I loved my class again, and think ill be trying Hatha again next Tuesday!
Have you tried a yoga class before?
Let me know 

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  1. It's good that the teacher was hands on, because you'd not know otherwise how to do the poses correctly. I see you're really getting into the yoga woop woop x


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