Victims of New Years Resolutions

31 December 2016

Well hello there, long time no post!
2016 is coming to an end, finally. I think we can safely say it's been one hell of a year. And with 2017 approaching in a few hours, it is so important to be appreciative of what we have before we start making list for what we want. 
I've seen so many blog post on New Years Resolutions, how to make them, how to keep them, but none really on appreciating on the goals of 2016. We are al victims of creating a fresh slate and producing plans for next year, but not appreciating the plans we made and conqured the year before. Appreciating how far we've come and how proud we should be for making it to the end of an eventful year. 
So here is my list of all the things I've achieved this 2016. No matter how little they were. I did them! And I am proud - even if no one else is.

  • Made it through the second year at University
  • Switched blogging from WordPress to Blogger - even though it's been inconsistent
  • Made new friends at uni (yes Faye, you count as a new friend)
  • Booked 2 holidays for 2017 without family! (I'm a wuss)
  • Went on holiday with my family and Mr
  • Went on Holiday with the hubs
  • Celebrated an anniversary - nigga we made it 
  • Drove for the whole year without any claims or killing myself 
  • Straightened my hair only after 10 months! 
  • Went to the theatre to see Lion King
  • Managed to not kill my mother numerous times
  • Devised less plans to kill my mother - (seriously it took up all my time in 2015).
  • Saved money monthly
  • Got a curly hair cut
  • Donated blood
  • Donated clothes
  • Donated money
  • Read a hella load of books!
Whatever it is that you did this year! Be proud!

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