Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush Review

15 January 2017

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

For Christmas, I received a clinique sonic system purifying cleansing brush. Wow, that's a mouthful!
I'd been doing some research and decided I really wanted one but wasn't too sure which brand to go for as there are so many on the market.
This product is perfect for those who have dry skin or sensitive skin! Unlike the other brushes, this one really lightly pulses which get rid of dirt whilst looking after your face at the same time.The whole point of using one of these brushes is that it cleans your face 5x more than if you used a cloth or your hands.
The brush itself is a really small, lightweight model which comes with one head. There are plenty of other heads to buy including one for acne, charcoal face mask and even a bloody brush for applying foundation. A step too far maybe.
The pack includes a brush and a charging port which doubles as a stand.

The brush comes with a cute carry case which isn't usually included but my little bro managed to snag me one. 
 The head has two different colors, the green is for the most gentle zones like that oily t-zone and the white for the rest of the face which bristles that are a bit sterner.
The bristles have their own antimicrobial material which keeps them clean for constant use.

When using the brush, I use it two different ways.
The first way is I wet my face, apply the product onto the brush, and then push the button twice to get 1 minutes worth of cleaning. Clinique recommends pushing the button once first (30 seconds) when getting used to using the brush and then twice (60 seconds) when your skin has gotten used to it.
The second method I use is typically when I have a mask on. I apply my masque (charcoal mask above) let is dry for however long the instructions stipulate and then when dried I then work the brush (which I dampen) starting on my temples first and work its way inward.

Overall I feel like this is one of the best investments to ensure a clean face, whilst not spending too much. What's better is once charged, you only have to charge it every 6 months. Handy.


Les Deux Alpes - Do black people even ski?

11 January 2017

Photo credit//hannahbrie

Les Deux Alpes

If you read my previous post you would have seen my infactuation with France and travel generally, so when the oppertunity to go skiing came up I was like Heeeellllllll yeahhh.

So I messaged my girls in my uni group chat and asked if any of them wanted to go, only to find out none of them did. 


One is a modest Muslim and said the clothing wouldn't be appropriate, the other is going to a wedding, the other is saving for a wedding and lastly the other said, "Do black people even ski"?

Determined to have done something memorable at university, I put my name down. Annnddddddddd I'm slightly regretting it.

So, as I have no friends going with me (thanks, guys), I went to my first Ski Social in the attempt of getting to know people. When you stay at the hotel, you share a room. I don't know anyone to share a room with and would, therefore, prefer not bunking with a strange girl who smells like sheep.
 So, at this social, I learned something very important. Apparently, black people don't actually ski (who knew, Black-ish lied to me), there were 2 Asian boys, butttt I basically was the darkest person there and only the girl of colour.
Now usually I can make friends with anything and anyone, I pride myself on being approachable, so you could imagine how strange it was as none of the girls even looked my way let alone said hi really bar two! The guys who sorta own the club were super nice and made conversation with me here there but besides that there were only two girls there made me feel slightly welcome etc but then two problems arose.

Firstly, they all drink. I, however, do not drink. One of the girls told me that the main thing everyone does when they go skiing is going out to drink in the evening. I don't drink so I'm a bit anxious as to what I'll be doing every evening. 

The second is, I don't see myself sharing rooms with these girls as one of them said she invited her friend to go on the trip so other people didn't feel like they were babysitting her. So I'm not exactly going to feel comfortable with her and her friend babysitting me.

In all honesty, I was really prepared to withdraw my deposit, but why miss out on an amazing opportunity for 8 days because of the people there aren't my people (don't be racist, I didn't mean because they're not black ).
I've sort of decided that I'm going to embrace being a loner and take the time to reflect, be grateful and just get on with it so I can say I did it. And it was amazing.

Let me know your opinion on this? Am I freaking out too much?

Lush Sunflower Deodorant

6 January 2017

Lush Solid Sunflower Deodorant 

Can I start by being mildly disgusting and informing you it is 9 am, I'm sitting in bed and I've sniffed my armpits and I still smell of this deodorant (and mild sweat). I don't go sniffing my armpits regularly, but I'm impressed! Anyway, onward to blog post!

So, I walked into Lush the other day just on a curious spree (once your halfway down Oxford street the smell sort of entices you to come visit) and I spotted this deodorant bar. I know what you're already thinking, you're asking why would anyone actually use a bar of deodorant rather than traditional roll on or spray. I think that is its own blog post outright. Long story short, a lot of people claim that deodorants are dangerous because of parabens (linked to cancer), aluminum (mimics estrogen, too much - cancer), silica (cancer linked), triclosa (a pesticide), and other ingredients. Check this link here for more.

Getting back to the point, I saw this and was like, ohhh interesting. This can go down on my Christmas list.

So the deodorant is a solid bar with a flower inside. Cuteeeeeee.
Lush describe it as 

"Pressed with antibacterial chrysanthemums, and full of uplifting antibacterial citrus juices and oils, this deodorant block will get you ready to Gogh - think of it as a roll on without the extra packaging! Slip over clean, dry armpits and absorbent sodium bicarbonate will take care of any moisture and ensure you stay fresh from morning to starry night."

I'll start by saying, I have no idea what flower a chrysanthemum is, and nor do I care really. Ha. *googles*- defo not the flower on the inside.

After using a few times this deodorant bar is pretty effective, combats the smell of sweat really well and leaves you smelling fresh and flowery for 24 hours! My armpits smell cute, and cute is defo the word here. The only down bit is I have no idea how to store this properly and would have loved directions on how to use. In the end, I just re-wet my pits and rubbed it on. Think I'll have to buy a tin from lush to store it in, but would have loved someone to actually inform me of that! either way, this product is here to stay.
Win win.

Travel blog - Making decisions

3 January 2017

photo credit // paperblog

For the last few months knowing that university is going to finish this year has led to questions like: Where will life take me now or what will I do next? 

A lot of people finish university, then go and get amazing job opportunities or graduate schemes, or you know, some don't. And I realised I really passionately felt the need to travel when I've finished.
 Thinking back to my childhood, the need has always been there. And I kind of realised it's always been something I've wanted to do. When I went on my first holiday at 13/14 I really wanted to be an air hostess (realistic dreams here, I wasn't about flying planes). Then researching with my mum, I found out most hostess jobs have a minimum wage of 20k, crappy hours, you had to be over 5'6 (I was really short at the time) and you had to live an hour away from an airport. That dream was killed.

Modern languages introduced my next venture. France.
At 16, I told my mum I wanted to be an Au Pair so I could live in France and learn the language. She said, "You are not going to France to be a babysitter or cleaner" anddddddd I've never bothered to look into it again.

During my first year of university, I was convinced I would study for a couple of months in Dubai until I found out it was a year minimum, whilst the European universities were 6 months, the French universities didn't support my chosen degree field.

Years later with university ending in just months away, I've decided that before I get a "real job" or start pushing kids out like M&m's I'm going to do what I've always wanted to do and have no regrets when I'm slaving away after my children. You can see my views on motherhood are extremly optiistic.

I think everyone feels the need to explore. Not just themselves but the world. What better way to learn about yourself. What your pain threshold is, your endurance. To value life more.
It's spending money of experience rather than materialistic objects.

So I made a goal that I want to visit a minimum of 5 countries this year.
The best bit about it is I feel I have something to work towards. The extra shifts at work will motivate me to go there! Take that extra cash to save! Save towards an adventure, something memorable! And whilst I can't find an abundance of friends that want to scour the world with me, I will (HOPEFULLY) develop the balls to do something alone. (I highly doubt this, but who knows).

First stop will be FRANCE for snowboarding and skiing in April!

Are you planning on going somewhere this year? Let me know!

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