Les Deux Alpes - Do black people even ski?

11 January 2017

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Les Deux Alpes

If you read my previous post you would have seen my infactuation with France and travel generally, so when the oppertunity to go skiing came up I was like Heeeellllllll yeahhh.

So I messaged my girls in my uni group chat and asked if any of them wanted to go, only to find out none of them did. 


One is a modest Muslim and said the clothing wouldn't be appropriate, the other is going to a wedding, the other is saving for a wedding and lastly the other said, "Do black people even ski"?

Determined to have done something memorable at university, I put my name down. Annnddddddddd I'm slightly regretting it.

So, as I have no friends going with me (thanks, guys), I went to my first Ski Social in the attempt of getting to know people. When you stay at the hotel, you share a room. I don't know anyone to share a room with and would, therefore, prefer not bunking with a strange girl who smells like sheep.
 So, at this social, I learned something very important. Apparently, black people don't actually ski (who knew, Black-ish lied to me), there were 2 Asian boys, butttt I basically was the darkest person there and only the girl of colour.
Now usually I can make friends with anything and anyone, I pride myself on being approachable, so you could imagine how strange it was as none of the girls even looked my way let alone said hi really bar two! The guys who sorta own the club were super nice and made conversation with me here there but besides that there were only two girls there made me feel slightly welcome etc but then two problems arose.

Firstly, they all drink. I, however, do not drink. One of the girls told me that the main thing everyone does when they go skiing is going out to drink in the evening. I don't drink so I'm a bit anxious as to what I'll be doing every evening. 

The second is, I don't see myself sharing rooms with these girls as one of them said she invited her friend to go on the trip so other people didn't feel like they were babysitting her. So I'm not exactly going to feel comfortable with her and her friend babysitting me.

In all honesty, I was really prepared to withdraw my deposit, but why miss out on an amazing opportunity for 8 days because of the people there aren't my people (don't be racist, I didn't mean because they're not black ).
I've sort of decided that I'm going to embrace being a loner and take the time to reflect, be grateful and just get on with it so I can say I did it. And it was amazing.

Let me know your opinion on this? Am I freaking out too much?

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