Lush Sunflower Deodorant

6 January 2017

Lush Solid Sunflower Deodorant 

Can I start by being mildly disgusting and informing you it is 9 am, I'm sitting in bed and I've sniffed my armpits and I still smell of this deodorant (and mild sweat). I don't go sniffing my armpits regularly, but I'm impressed! Anyway, onward to blog post!

So, I walked into Lush the other day just on a curious spree (once your halfway down Oxford street the smell sort of entices you to come visit) and I spotted this deodorant bar. I know what you're already thinking, you're asking why would anyone actually use a bar of deodorant rather than traditional roll on or spray. I think that is its own blog post outright. Long story short, a lot of people claim that deodorants are dangerous because of parabens (linked to cancer), aluminum (mimics estrogen, too much - cancer), silica (cancer linked), triclosa (a pesticide), and other ingredients. Check this link here for more.

Getting back to the point, I saw this and was like, ohhh interesting. This can go down on my Christmas list.

So the deodorant is a solid bar with a flower inside. Cuteeeeeee.
Lush describe it as 

"Pressed with antibacterial chrysanthemums, and full of uplifting antibacterial citrus juices and oils, this deodorant block will get you ready to Gogh - think of it as a roll on without the extra packaging! Slip over clean, dry armpits and absorbent sodium bicarbonate will take care of any moisture and ensure you stay fresh from morning to starry night."

I'll start by saying, I have no idea what flower a chrysanthemum is, and nor do I care really. Ha. *googles*- defo not the flower on the inside.

After using a few times this deodorant bar is pretty effective, combats the smell of sweat really well and leaves you smelling fresh and flowery for 24 hours! My armpits smell cute, and cute is defo the word here. The only down bit is I have no idea how to store this properly and would have loved directions on how to use. In the end, I just re-wet my pits and rubbed it on. Think I'll have to buy a tin from lush to store it in, but would have loved someone to actually inform me of that! either way, this product is here to stay.
Win win.

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