PR Enquiries & Disclaimer
In regards to any PR inquiries, please do no hesitate to contact me at Astoldbychlxe@gmail.com
As an up and coming blogger, I would be more than happy to help new brands and am always willing to give honest reviews on products and services.
All emails shall be replied to within 2 days.
I reserve the right to provide full disclosure of any PR-related blog posts, and reserve the right to decline any PR inquiries I feel is not suited to my lifestyle, my readers and my blog. I will only accept collaborations on the basis that I will provide a 100% transparency and honest reviews, which works with the theme and content of my blog.
Content within my blog
All photographs included within this blog I have taken myself, unless I have listed otherwise. In this case the source of each image will be provided. If you would like your image removed or sourced correctly please contact me. All products have been purchased with my own money, unless stated. Anything that I am reviewing, which has been sent to me will be disclosed as a PR sample to ensure transparency.
 All blog post are written by ChloĆ© Watson unless stated and, any information contained on AstoldbyChlxe can not be printed or published without permission from ChloĆ© Watson.

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